Acrobatic Dance is an art form incorporating gymnastics/ tumbling/ dance skills and ‘tricks’. Beginning with basic skills such as handstands, bridges and cartwheels progresses to more advanced skills such as handsprings and aerials in a safe, controlled and nurturing environment. Acrobatic skills assist the all-round development of dancers; improving balance, control, flexibility, strength, spatial awareness and confidence. Acrobatics is now an essential component of a dancer’s skill set and sets a dancer apart from others without this skill.

Dream Dance Academy is proudly affiliated with Acrobatic Arts and the Australian based Acrobatic Dance Association syllabus to assist students to achieve stable and secure acrobatic skills and quality movement in a safe and progressive manner. ​

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Your little bundle of energy will thrive under our developmentally friendly Acrobatic Dance program for 3 – 5 year olds. Tiny Tumblers teaches students the basic techniques for a range of tumbling skills and ‘tricks’ such as bridges. Under the guidance of our highly trained staff our tiny acrobats focus on developing physicals skills such as strength, coordination and flexibility.


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