The Dream Ballet School is our boutique ballet school division at Dream Dance Academy. It is our privilege and joy to share the traditions and art of classical ballet with the children of the Monash community. Through a beautiful, progressive and engaging system of training provided by the Australian Teachers of Dancing. It is our vision to develop well rounded ballet dancers through holistic and comprehensive classical ballet training free from any particular classical style or methodology. In ballet classes your child will develop muscle strength, flexibility, balance, posture and discipline.

Our ballet program includes:

  • Classical Ballet

  • National Character

  • Demi Character

  • Neo Classical/ Lyrical

  • Modern/ Contemporary

  • Pre Pointe/ Pointe

  • Examinations/ Assessments

  • Performance Opportunities

and more!


Dream Dance Academy offers its ballet classes under the Australian Teachers of Dancing comprehensive, beautiful and progressive system of training. That aims to develop student's strength and artistry through an anatomical approach to balletic technique. The program has been designed to technically develop students to individually reach their full potential, whether on a recreational, professional or teaching level.



18mths - 5yrs

Pre A.T.O.D. Syllabi

Dream Dance Academy offers a gentle introduction into the whimsical world of ballet through our imaginative preschool classes.



5 - 8yrs

A.T.O.D. Test 1, 2 and 3

Petit Prima Ballerinas

Prima Ballerinas is a delightful class for little princesses. Students start to learn ‘proper’ ballet through ‘play’. Students explore basic ballet principles, posture and poise, and positions of the arms and feet that plants the seed for further studies in classical ballet.

Mini Magic

Your child will be enchanted in the world of dance and make – believe as they start to master the fundamentals of ballet. This magical ballet class focuses on teaching balletic technique, mime, musicality and ballerina manners in a supportive, encouraging and fulfilling class.

Junior Jewels

Students begin to shine like gems as they start to feel like ‘real ballerinas’. Now commencing standing at the ballet barre, we progress to centre, across the floor progressively to the final curtsey. Learning French terminology as we go. From enchanting classical training students begin to gain much, much more.


Bronze Ballet


Our Bella Ballerinas are really starting to blossom now in our Bronze Classical Ballet classes. These classes are suitable for beginners or more experienced ballerinas. Students now participate in a traditional classical ballet ballet class offered through a beautiful, structured and progressive system of training. Classical ballet class commences at the barre to refine balletic technique; then proceeds to reviewing basic steps before being introduced to more complex steps and combinations in the centre and across the floor. Aims to build technique, artistry and self - confidence in a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Silver Ballet

Your child will really start to shine in our Silver Swans classical ballet classes. Silver Ballet offers a structured syllabus to introduce students to more complex balletic steps and combinations. Students will strive in this traditional classical ballet class commencing at the barre, progressing to a range of graceful and lively centre and across the floor combinations. Students also have the opportunity to explore a variety of ballet styles. At this stage your child will start to take their classical ballet training more seriously. A minimum of 2 classical ballet classes per week is recommended at this level and beyond. Development of strength and stamina in preparation for pointe work will reinvigorate intrinsic motivation in your child. 

Gold Ballet

Our ballet dancers are really starting to glow and gleam with confidence in our gold classical ballet classes. Your young teen’s childhood dream will come to fruition when they finally receive their first pair of pointe shoes and introduced to the ‘art of dancing on air’. By this stage students should have a good understanding of balletic technique and artistry. There is a strong emphasis on physical development in strength and flexibility and aims to develop grace, poise and coordination. Minimum of 2 - 3 classical ballet classes per week is recommended if students wish to continue extending their ballet training. 



8 - 18yrs

A.T.O.D. Bronze Medal - Gold Star




8 - 18yrs

A.T.O.D. Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced

Rose Gold Ballet


Students are really starting to raise the barre and reach beyond as they advance their training in our Rose Gold ballet classes. Suitable for students regardless whether they continue ballet for fun and fitness or striving towards greater goals. Classes include commencing at the barre to review balletic technique, followed by centre and across the floor combinations that enhances artistry. Pointe work for ladies is also explored and extended. Minimum of 2 - 3 classical ballet classes is recommended to continue developing regal and graceful technical and performance qualities.

Titanium Ballet

Students are really starting to thrive when they have reached our Titanium ballet classes. We are now truly starting to train more than technical dancers. Classes include commencing at the barre to review balletic technique, followed by centre and across the floor combinations that enhances artistry. Pointe work for ladies is also explored and extended. Students are encouraged to ‘tune in’ to their body in order to apply self - corrections. Training continues to intensify as students undertake the final stages in our beautiful, structured and progressive syllabus. Therefore a minimum of 2 - 3 classical ballet classes is recommended.

Platinum Ballet

Platinum Ballet is a very special part in our young people’s classical ballet training. They will finish with a sense of pride as they complete their last stage of our structured and progressive system of training. It is suitable for students with a simple passion for ballet or to prepare students with ambitions for further pre - vocational/ professional training programs. Students participate in a traditional structured classical ballet class including pointe work for ladies. There is a strong emphasis on posture, poise, placement and performance qualities. Our professional teachers work closely to help set and develop personal goals for every student. Minimum of 2 - 3 classical ballet classes is recommended. Moving forward students can continue the pleasure of ballet in our Adult and Open ballet classes.   



Dream Dance Academy offers annual ballet assessments and examinations through one of the international leaders in dance education, Australian Teachers of Dancing. The assessment and examination syllabus offers a high quality, innovative ballet training that finds the perfect balance of technical excellence with comprehensive artistic development.