8 - 18 years old | Grade 3 - Year 12

Your child will dazzle with delight each week as they explore the world of dance. Our Discover Dance program supports students to discover their love and passion for dance with dedicated teachers. Our innovative, progressive and developmentally friendly curriculum ensures students are learning traditional techniques along with the latest moves. Discover Dance is carefully designed to scaffold each child’s development in dance. Specialist classes, examinations and performance opportunities promotes diligence and dedication to last a lifetime. Students can explore a diverse range of styles of movement and expression. Students will develop an appreciation for a range of music dynamics, develop dramatic performance skills and understanding of movement and stage directions. The possibilities are limitless, allowing students to discover their unique potential and strive to reach their personal desires. 

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Classical Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance and for the dancers overall technique and artistry. Known for its grace, precision, aesthetics and rigorous technique in movement.


Contemporary isn’t restricted by rules nor has it any particular style. It is a highly creative and expressive form of dance allowing room for individual interpretation.


Stylised, high energy & dynamic dance genre that has made its way off the streets and into suburban dance studios. Fun, groovy & hard hitting movements are accompanied to the latest trends in music. Aims to develop coordination, rhythm and inner confidence. 


Energetic, fast paced and technical class. Starting with a warm up progressing to exercises in centre and across the floor. Students learn jumps, kicks and turns. While developing flexibility, strength, technique, balance, co-ordination and control. Furthermore focuses on facial expression, eye focus and stage presence. Style can vary from musical theatre to modern commercial form of jazz.



Lyrical is an emotive form of dance. That uses the melody and lyrics of the music to express and convey the feeling of the song. Lyrical is a highly graceful form of movement combined with control. Recommended that students also take ballet & jazz.


Tap classes teach musicality, rhythm, timing and technique. Students will learn how to make melodies with their feet through producing diverse sounds via different steps and combinations. Classes involve a warm up, centre work and exercises across the floor work to build coordination and technique. Also aims to develop overall performance quality.


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