How is Acrobatic Dance different to gymnastics?

At Dream Dance Academy we often get asked how Acrobatic Dance differs from gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading or calisthenics for example. Yes there is a few significant differences.

Acrobatic Dance is a performing arts form or discipline designed specifically for dancers rather then a sport.

The movement quality of Acrobatic Dance is often more fluid and softer, emphasising long lines through 'tricks'. It involves balances and unique variations in skills. Acrobatic dancers learn how to enter and exist skills to appear effortless and which is seamlessly incorporated in choreography.

Unlike gymnastics Acrobatic Dance is designed to be performed on a hard floor rather than a matted sprung floor. Therefore training methods differ as dancers do not have the aid of additional height and rebound from a sprung floor. Acrobatic dancers require to generate lift and extension through their bodies to execute advance skills effortlessly.

Yes acrobatic dancers perform tumbling skills or passes however the quality is often softer and more graceful rather than powerful and often involves dance elements such as turns to prepare and leave a skill.

Gymnastics skills are often performed with the 'hollow body' position where as Acrobatic Dance uses a more open alignment through skills.

Specialist training in Acrobatic Dance requires general body conditioning to develop strength, core stability and flexibility. It develops safer, artistic and more diverse dancers. Complementing a young dancers overall dance training in other genres.

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