The benefits of dancing...

Dance is a physical and expressive performing art form. It is no secret that a life long commitment to dance practice can offer an individual so many benefits and improve quality of life in a holistic manner.


Dance promotes and encourages an active lifestyle which has many health and overall well being benefits for the body such as:

- Development of fine and gross motor skills and overall body control.

- Improved coordination, agility and flexibility.

- Better alignment and deportment.

- Improved balance, body and spatial awareness.

- Develops muscular tone, strength and core stability.

- Increased aerobic fitness and stamina.

- Improves kinaesthetic memory.


Dance is also known to improve mental functioning and emotional well being. It allows individuals to express themselves and their feeling through creativity and movement. It promotes self confidence and encourages resilience, persistence and discipline.


Dance is often a community centred or group recreational activity. It requires communication, and cooperation that fosters interactions and trust in others while promoting teamwork. Dance friends quickly become life long friends!

Dance is ultimately a recreational activity that is an enjoyable way to stay fit and connect with self and others. It offers extensive benefits for both young and old. The key is to simply start moving and reap the rewards today!

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