School readiness... and dance.

For young children to achieve success at school they must be equipped with movement and social skills before entering the classroom. For example, students will be expected to articulate one part of the body, perform movements across the midline of the body and sit still when required to mention a few. Students with fine and gross motor skill difficulties will have challenges in the classroom when it comes to reading, writing, numeracy and other general coping skills for example waiting one's turn, listening, following instructions and social interaction with peers.

It is no secret that a wonderful preschool dance program can help prepare little ones for big kids school. For example in preschool dance class students...

- participate in age appropriate movement activity, exercises and play that develops their balance, coordination, body awareness, flexibility, muscle tone and more; 

- engage in perceptual activities that build hand - eye coordination, focus and concentration;

- participate in group/ team based games and activities for example the parachute;

- develop pre - reading, writing and literacy skills through visual and auditory stimulating activities such as story time, play, singing and music.

The benefits of dance class for little ones entering big kids school include: 

- listening skills;

- ability to follow instructions;

- develops self confidence and self - esteem in group scenarios;

- a sense of discipline, focus and concentration on a task or activity for an extended period of time;

- social skills such as taking turns, sharing, working together and cooperation;

- self help skills such as independence, care for belongings, 

- hand and finger strength and articulation for holding pencils, writing etc.;

- visual, auditory and language skills for reading;

- a sense of patterns and rhythm required for maths;

- fine and gross motor skill development for the brain and body to learn effectively;

- develops a sense of fun for learning.

The performing arts can provide an enriching environment to establish the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Which leads to improved social, emotional and health outcomes in later life.

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