Why are they just playing with the parachute?

12 Jun 2018


Yes, while the parachute is super fun and playful it is a purposeful activity included in many preschool and junior dance and movement programs. It offers extensive and exciting benefits to young children. 


Physical development:


- Strengthens and tone the torso and upper body;

- develops a sense of rhythm;

- teaches students how to move as a group.


Social development:


- Encourages cooperation and teamwork among children;

- an inclusive, non - competitive activity suited to all abilities;

- reinforces values of sharing and taking turns;

- promotes social interaction and engagement.


Cognitive development:


- refines perceptual awareness;

- teaches the ability to listen and follow directions;

- promotes language development;

- channels creative energy,

- boosts concentration, focus and sustained attention. 


Let kids be children. Go have fun shaking a parachute at dancing, in the park or at kindy. 

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Why are they just playing with the parachute?

June 12, 2018

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