How can dance support my child at school or kinder?

It is no secret that dance classes can help young children and adolescence succeed at school! Participation in arts extra - curricular activities can support young people to achieve better concentration and confidence that can lead to improve academic performance in the classroom.

By allowing children and adolescents to experience joy in expressing themselves freely. Through a creative outlet. When moving and dancing children and adolescence can release any stress and anxiety they may be experiencing as they are exposed to a range of music and movement styles. As adults, it is important for us to acknowledge that children and adolescents experience pressure at kindergarten and school just like adults do in our daily lives. With increasing standards placed on teachers and students and less time for 'fun' activities the importance of creative outlets is becoming essential for their overall health and wellbeing.

Dance provides an opportunity for your child to communicate in a new language that is rewarding. New found happiness will motivate them to strive in all aspects of their lives.

Furthermore, dance classes will allows them to get up on their feet and release sum built up physical energy after a long at day at Kinder or School. Which helps promotes a fulfilling and balanced life. That is carefree, and values fitness, happiness, wellness and creativity.

By Danielle Taylor.

Bachelor of Secondary Teaching/ Arts (Dance) and VIT Secondary School Teacher.

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