18 months - 5 years old | toddlers, 3 & 4 year old kinder


18 months - 3 years old | toddlers

Tots love to twirl, play, make – believe and dress up. And our caring teachers do too! Through a magical adventure your child is introduced to movement and music in our early childhood dance program. All while a carer is invited to share in the experience. Tots & Friends not only exercises little bodies but nurtures big imaginations.

45 minute class each week includes:​

  • story time

  • action based song and dance

  • fun sing along activities

  • engaging toys and tutus. Oh my!

  • introduction to dance technique and terminology

  • taking turns vs working as a team.

  • enhances team work and ability to think for themselves

  • trains fine and gross motor skills

  • twinkles confidence to explore

  • introduces a new way of communication and creating

  • treasure movement and music for life.

Tiny Dream Dancers Early Childhood Dance Program provides a thrilling world for little ones to explore, discover and imagine. The preschool dance curriculum has been carefully designed over four tiers to tailor for the unique developmental needs of children at each stage. From story book adventures, thematic lessons and speciality classes that allows every child to thrive.


3 - 4 years old | 3 year old kinder

Your little one will twirl, tumble and tap with delight as they discover the enchanting world of dance each through a one hour story book adventure. Where they will blossom and thrive under the guidance of nurturing teachers that ignites their imagination. With developmentally age appropriate balance between structure and creativity aims to foster a lifetime love of dance.

1 hour class each week includes:​

  • story time

  • sing along activities

  • musical appreciation

  • stimulating props and dress ups to spark their creativity

  • fundamental movement skills, dance technique and terminology

  • development of social and interaction skills

  • development of physical and dramatic skills

  • enriches their curiosity and creativity

  • builds social engagement and etiquette

  • promotes a love for music and the performing arts




4 - 5 years old | 4 year old kinder

Your tiny dancer will love joining us each week where they skip, hop and twirl through an imaginative adventure. Students learn more than dance steps but dance class etiquette and life skills too! Designed to complement the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’. Tiny Dream Dancers strives for the perfect balance of structure and ‘play’ to captivate, energise and engage your child to allow them to fall in love with the performing arts.

1 hour class each week includes:​

  • story time

  • dance technique and physical skills building

  • classical, vibrant and sing along tunes

  • engaging toys and tutus. Oh my!

  • basic dance terminology

  • taking turns vs working as a team.

  • enhances team work and ability to think for themselves

  • trains fine and gross motor skills

  • twinkles confidence and independence

  • develops another means of communication and creating

  • treasure dance and music for life.


Your little bundle of energy will thrive under our developmentally friendly Acrobatic Dance program for 3 – 5 year olds. Tiny Tumblers teaches students the basic techniques for a range of tumbling skills and ‘tricks’ such as bridges. Under the guidance of our highly trained staff our tiny acrobats focus on developing physicals skills such as strength, coordination and flexibility.



Hip Hop Pre School

Boppin’ Tots is a super trendy introductory class to hip hop for the coolest preschoolers in town. Students will learn basic grooves and isolations to build motor skills. They will be challenged with locomotive movements to develop coordination and concentration. They will begin to develop an understanding of tempo and rhythm with the latest top hits for kids.



Twinkle Starz

4.5 - 5.5 years old | 4 year old kinder


Tiny Twirlers


Tiny Twirlers is a way tutucute introductory ballet class for your budding ballerina. Students are introduced to ‘proper’ balletic steps and terminology from day one. With opportunities for your little one to dance to their own tune. Tiny Twirlers offers the perfect balance of creative movement and ballet technique.

Tiny Twisters


Is a thrilling class for tiny dancers who simply love to twist and shout. Set to upbeat popular children’s music your child will be introduced to the fundamentals technical skills in jazz of kicks, turns and jumps. Under the guidance of our nurturing teachers you can be rest assured your child is receiving excellent tuition.

Tiny Tappers


Your tiny dancer will twinkle with delight as they learn to make tunes with their toes. Students will be introduced to basic tap dance technique, parts of the feet and develop and understanding of timing and tempo. Your child will be tickled as they stomp and tip toe their way through a thrilling class each week.



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